Education/Computer Websites


DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION—The U.S. Department of Education website has the latest information about education news, funding, and curriculum. They also have information about policies, higher education, financial aid, different federal grants and scholarships, and other websites with information that are available.

NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION—this website has information about issues and actions, tools and ideas, and grants and events. They also provide other helpful websites with educational information.

LIVE-BRARY.COM— by searching through East Islip’s databases through, you can search Education and find resources about children’s literature, teacher resources, and ERIC.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL LIBRARIANS – this website is a compilation of the Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2013. It provides helpful links for different topics such as Media Sharing, Digital Storytelling, Manage & Organize, Social Networking & Communication, Content Resources, and Curriculum Collaboration.

DISCOVERYEDUCATION.COM – provides free resources for parents, students, teachers, and administrators. The site provides a variety of activities, homework help, and motivation tactics.

EDUCATION.COM–is a helpful website that provides workbooks, activities, and craft ideas for each grade; broken down by grade level. They also post different articles about changes in education, specifically with the Common Core. It’s a great website to get different ideas and to get the latest information about changes in the realm of education.


PCMAG.COM—offers the latest information about PCs, laptops and other computer technology; such as scanners, tablets, networks, security, etc. They also provide reviews for different brands, discuss daily deals, and offer helpful tips.

CONSUMER REPORTS—Computers & Electronics- provides (you can also find the physical copy located in the library) offers information about the latest computer technology, tablets, and other technology. They provide reviews and have forums that allow users to share information and opinions about resources.

LIVE-BRARY.COM—this site is offered through the library. It provides information and resources, in both print and electronic, about computers, electronics, and technology.

GALE VIRTUAL REFERENCE—through the gale virtual reference center, provided through the library, you can do searches of periodicals and other electronic sources, about the latest computers, electronics, and technological advances.

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