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If You Like The Polar Express. . . polar express book activities

Christmas books  

Agee, Jon. Little Santa.
A resident of the North Pole with the ability to slide up and down chimneys meets a flying reindeer and some industrious elves. Find out what Santa was like as a child in this fictional biography of Santa Claus. E-HOLIDAY AGE

Brenner, Tom. And Then Comes Christmas.
Evoking both winter's changes to the world outside and well-loved traditions taking place within, here is a story to encourage readers to curl up with their loved ones and bask in the magic of the Christmas season. E-HOLIDAY BRE

Brett, Jan.  The Wild Christmas Reindeer.
How an elf gets the reindeer ready for Christmas. E-HOLIDAY BRE   livebrary

Burton, Tim.  Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas:  Cinestory Comic.
The comic companion to the movie, celebrating the charm, heart, and spooky fun of the classic stop-motion film. J-GRAPHIC BUR hoopla livebrary

Davies, Valentine. Miracle on 34th Street.
A Macy's Department Store Santa who insists his name is Kris Kringle teaches everyone a lesson in love, faith and the value of imagination. J DAV  hoopla

Fliess, Sue.  Mrs. Claus Takes the Reins.
Santa's in bed ill on Christmas Eve morning. Mrs. Claus launches a plan and takes over the reins. E-HOLIDAY FLI

Higgins, Ryan T.  Santa Bruce.
Grumpy and cold when his forest friends insist he stay awake to celebrate Christmas, Bruce the bear, wearing his long underwear and warm hat, is mistaken for Santa by the youngest forest creatures. E-HOLIDAY HIG hoopla livebrary

McPhail, David. Santa’s Book of Names.
A young boy helps Santa with his yearly rounds and receives a special Christmas present. E-HOLIDAY MCP  

Muncaster, Harriet.  The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present.
Clementine's life is ordinary in every way except that she is very tiny--a fact that Santa Claus does not seem to understand. E-HOLIDAY MUN

Shannon, David. The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza.
When a neighbor makes fun of his puny Christmas decorations, Mr. Merriweather embarks on a decorating binge the likes of which have never been seen. E-HOLIDAY SHA  

Slate, Joseph. Little Porcupine's Christmas.
Even though the other animals exclude him from the Christmas play because of his quills, Little Porcupine still ends up in a starring role. E-HOLIDAY SLA  

Tolkien, J.R.R. The Father Christmas Letters.
A collection of illustrated letters from Father Christmas recapping the activities of the preceding year at the North Pole. J TOLhoopla  livebrary

Train books  

Cooper, Elisha. Train.
Board a commuter train in New York, then follow the journey west and see the stations, the scenery, the different types of trains, and all the people who travel and work on the railroad system. E COO

Hillenbrand, Will. Down by the Station.
In this version of a familiar song, baby animals ride to the children's zoo on the zoo train. E 782.42 HIL

McPhail, David. The Train.
A boy takes a ride on his toy train while all sleep. E MCP

Peet, Bill. The Caboose Who Got Loose.
A caboose wishes for a way to escape the track. E PEE  

Piper, Watty.  The Little Engine that Could.
When the other engines refuse, the Little Blue Engine tries to pull a stranded train full of dolls, toys, and good food over the mountain. E PIP hoopla  livebrary

More books by Chris Van Allsburg  

Ben’s Dream.
On a terrifically rainy day, Ben has a dream in which he and his house float by the monuments of the world, half submerged in flood water. GOLDSTAR VAN  

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi. 
When the dog he is caring for runs away from Alan into the forbidden garden of a retired dog-hating magician, a spell seems to be cast over the contrary dog.  GOLDSTAR VAN  hoopla

Left on their own for an afternoon, two bored and restless children find excitement in a mysterious and mystical jungle adventure board game. GOLDSTAR VAN   livebrary

The Sweetest Fig.
"These figs are very special", the woman whispered. "They can make your dreams come true". Monsieur Bibot, the cold-hearted dentist, doesn’t believe her. But he’s in for the biggest surprise of his life.  GOLDSTAR VAN  

The Wreck of the Zephyr.
A boy's ambition to be the greatest sailor in the world brings him to ruin when he sails his boat in the air. GOLDSTAR VAN  hoopla

Zathura: A Space Adventure.
Twenty years after Jumanji, Danny and Walter Budwing discover an oblong box in the park that unleashes a new series of reckless characters. GOLDSTAR VAN livebrary

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