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Abbott, Tony.  The Battle Begins.
Owen Brown is your average fourth grader. Or he was, until his best friend, Dana, disappeared right in front of his face, through the floor of the school. Owen's average life has turned upside down. He's determined to find Dana -- before anyone realizes she's missing. Owen sets out on a mysterious, mythological rescue mission with his friends Jon and Sydney. But what none of them know is that Dana's disappearance is part of a much larger riddle. And they're at the center of it. J-PBK ABB livebrary

Alexander, William. A Properly Unhaunted Place.
In a world full of ghosts, Rosa and Jasper live in the only unhaunted town--but must spring to action when they realize the ghosts are lying in wait to take the town back. Grades 3-6 J-FAN ALE livebrary

Anderson, M.T. Whales on Stilts.
Racing against the clock, shy middle-school student Lily and her best friends, Katie and Jasper, must foil the plot of her father's conniving boss to conquer the world using an army of whales. Grades 5-7. J-SF AND

Auxier, Jonathan. The Night Gardener: A Scary Story.
Irish orphans Molly and Kip travel to England to work as servants in a crumbling manor house. Soon they are confronted by a mysterious stranger and secrets of the cursed house. Grades 4 – 6 J-HOR AUX hoopla livebrary

Avi. School of the Dead.
After befriending the supernatural-enthusiast uncle he previously found eccentric, Tony is devastated when he dies suddenly and appears to him in ghost form at Tony's new school, where rumors are circulating about a missing student. Grades 3-6 J-HOR AVI hoopla livebrary

Ballarini, Joe. A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.
When Kelly loses a little boy to monsters who live under his bed during her first babysitting job, she learns about a secret society of babysitters who fight monsters. Grades 3-6 J-HOR BAL hoopla livebrary

Bellairs, John. The House with a Clock in its Walls.
Lewis and his Uncle Jonathan, a real wizard, search for the doomsday clock in the walls of their home. Grades 5-7. J-PBK BEL livebrary

Bruchac, Joseph. Night Wings.
After being taken captive by a band of treasure seekers, thirteen-year-old Paul and his Abenaki grandfather must face a legendary Native American monster at the top of Mount Washington. Grades 5 - 9 J-HOR BRU hoopla

Cohen, Marina.  The Doll's Eye.
The day Hadley discovers the glass eye in the empty attic of her new house is the day her life changes forever. Grades 4 – 6 J-HOR COH

Gaiman, Neil.  The Graveyard Book.
Nobody Owens is a normal boy, except that he has been raised by ghosts and other denizens of the graveyard. Grades 4-7  J-FAN GAI hoopla livebrary

Gidwitz, Adam. A Tale Dark & Grimm.
Follows Hansel and Gretel as they walk out of their own story and into eight more tales, encountering such wicked creatures as witches, along with kindly strangers and other helpful folk. Grades 5-7 J-HOR GID livebrary

Grabenstein, Chris. The Crossroads.
When 11-year-old Zack Jennings moves to Connecticut with his father and new stepmother, they must deal with the ghosts left behind by a terrible accident, as well as another kind of ghost from Zack's past. Grades 4-8 J-HOR GRA livebrary

Guys Read:  Terrifying Tales.
Eleven masters of suspense have come together to bring you a bone-chilling collection of original ghost stories. Grades 3 – 6 J-SS GUY hoopla livebrary

Hahn, Mary Downing. Wait till Helen Comes.
Molly doesn't like her new church home, the graveyard near it, and especially her new stepsister. When a ghost threatens Heather's life, will Molly be able to help her? Does she even want to? Grades 4-6. J-HOR HAH, J-PBK HAH hoopla livebrary

Jinks, Catherine.  The Paradise Trap
Eleven-year-old Marcus is spending a week at the beach with his mother in a tiny old travel trailer, but boredom turns to terror when a new friend discovers a cellar that has magical doors through which people keep disappearing. Grades 4-7 J-HOR JIN

Mahy, Margaret. The Haunting.
Is Barney going mad? He keeps hearing a voice in his mind saying, "Barnaby's dead! I'm going to be very lonely." The presence seems to be getting nearer, and nearer, and nearer. Grades 4-6. J-HOR MAH

Poblocki, Dan.  The Nightmarys
Seventh-grader Timothy July and his new friend Abigail try to break a curse that is causing them and others to be tormented by their greatest fears brought to life. Grades 4-7   J-HOR POB livebrary

Wright, Betty Ann. The Dollhouse Murders.
A dollhouse filled with a ghostly light in the middle of the night and dolls that have moved from where she last left them lead Amy and her retarded sister to unravel the mystery surrounding grisly murders that took place years ago. Grades 4-6 J-M WRI, J-PBK WRI livebrary

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