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If You Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid...


Angleberger, Tom. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.
Sixth-grader Tommy and his friends describe their interactions with a paper finger puppet of Yoda, worn by their weird classmate Dwight, as they try to figure out whether or not the puppet can really predict the future. Includes instructions for making Origami Yoda. First in a series J ANG hoopla livebrary

Barnett, Mac & Jory John.  The Terrible Two.
When master prankster Miles Murphy moves to sleepy Yawnee Valley, he challenges the local, mystery prankster in an epic battle of tricks but soon the two join forces to pull off the biggest prank ever seen.  J BAR hoopla livebrary

Benton, Jim. Dear Dumb Diary series
In her diary, middle school student Jamie Kelly describes her life at home and at school, including her attempts to triumph over her nemesis, the beautiful and popular Ange. J-PBK BEN livebrary

Benton, Jim. Franny K. Stein series
Franny K. Stein, mad scientist, makes a monster, battles a fifty-foot cupid, creates a robot and an invisibility potion, and experiments with time. J-SF BEN, J-PBK BEN livebrary

Birdseye, Tom. Attack of the Mutant Underwear.
Fifth-grader Cody Carson keeps a journal of his hopes for a fresh start in a town where nobody knows about his humiliating mistakes of the past, but before school even begins so does his embarrassment. J BIR hoopla livebrary

Bolger, Kevin.  Zombiekins.
A goofy tale of a teddy/bunny/zombie-doll come to life. Stanley first buys the thing at a creepy yard sale, then he must save his classmates from the rampaging dolly. J BOL livebrary

Clements, Andrew. Frindle.
When he decides to turn his fifth grade teacher's love of the dictionary around on her, clever Nick Allen invents a new word and begins a chain of events that quickly moves beyond his control. J CLE livebrary

Fry, Michael.  The Odd Squad:  Bully Bait.
When Nick’s school counselor insists that he needs better socialization skills after being a bully stuffs him into a locker Nick joins the school's lame Safety Patrol. J FRY livebrary

Gantos, Jack. Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade.
Jack's diary helps him deal with his problems which include dog-eating alligators, an older sister, a younger brother who keeps breaking parts of himself, and next-door neighbors who are really weird. J GAN livebrary

Greenwald, Tom.  Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading.
Middle schooler Charlie Joe is proud of his success at avoiding reading, but eventually his schemes go too far. J GRE livebrary

Griffiths, Andy.  The 13 Story Treehouse.
Andy and Terry must meet a latest book deadline despite numerous distractions in their sophisticated tree house home, including flying cats, giant bananas, and sea monsters pretending to be mermaids. J GRI livebrary

Gutman, Dan. My Weird School series
Something weird is going on at A.J.'s school. The 2nd grade teacher doesn't know math and the principal kissed a pig on the lips! J GUT hoopla livebrary

Hale, Bruce. Prince of Underwhere.
When Zeke, his twin sister Stephanie, their neighbor Hector, slide into the world of Underwhere, Zeke is hailed as a prince who will free the Undies from the evil UnderLord's rule by destroying his throne. J HAL hoopla

Holm, Jennifer L.  Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf: a Year Told through Stuff.
The first year of middle school can be exciting, or scary, just ask Ginny. J HOL livebrary

Ignatow, Amy.  The Popularity Papers.
Two best friends embark on a project to study the behavior and taste of the popular girls at their elementary school so that by the time they get to middle school they too will be in the right crowd.  J IGN hoopla livebrary

Klise, Kate. Regarding the Fountain.
When the principal asks a fifth-grader to write a letter regarding the purchase of a new drinking fountain for their school, he finds that all sorts of chaos results. J KLI

McDonald, Megan. Stink series
Full of laughs - from the class trip to the science museum's "Gross-Me-Out" exhibit to experiments with toilet water to a retelling of how, years before, baby Stink's dirty diaper inspired his name. J MCD hoopla livebrary

Mack, Jeff.  Clueless McGee.
Fifth grader Clueless McGee investigates the school bully who has been framed for filling the orchestra teacher's tuba with macaroni and cheese. J MAC livebrary

Moss, Marissa. Amelia series
The hand-lettered contents of a nine-year-old girl's notebook, in which she records her thoughts and feelings about moving, starting school, and dealing with her older sister, as well as keeping her old best friend and making a new one. J MOS livebrary

Oliver, Lin.  Attack of the Growling Eyeballs.
When Daniel, who lives with six female family members,  suddenly shrinks to the size of a toe, he discovers that he has a  long desired twin brother the same size. J-FAN OLI

Pastis, Stephan.  Timmy Failure:  Mistakes Were Made.
Resolving to earn so much money that his mother will no longer stress out over the bills, 11-year-old Timmy Failure launches a detective business with a polar bear.  J PAS livebrary

Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate: In a Class by Himself.
Supremely confident middle-school student Nate Wright manages to make getting detention from every one of his teachers in the same day seem like an achievement. First in a series. J PEI hoopla livebrary

Pichon, Liz.  The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.
Irritating his teachers with his lack of focus and creative excuses, Tom Gates spends his time drawing pictures and writing down observations about everything from his grumpy sister and annoying classmate to an unsatisfying camping trip.  J PIC livebrary

Roy, James.  Max Quigley, Technically Not a Bully.
After playing a prank on one of his "geeky" classmates, sixth-grader Max Quigley's punishment is to be tutored by him.  J ROY

Russell, Rachel Renee.  Dork Diaries series
Fourteen-year-old Nikki Maxwell writes in her diary of her struggle to be popular at her exclusive new private school, then of finding her place after she gives up on being part of the elite group. J RUS hoopla livebrary

Russell, Rachel Renee.  The Misadventures of Max Crumbly: Locker Hero.
There’s a lot that’s great about Max’ new school, but there’s also one big problem—Doug, the school bully whose hobby is stuffing Max in his locker. J RUS hoopla livebrary

Scieszka, Jon.  Spaceheadz series
Starting fifth grade at a new school, Michael K. discovers that all his classmates and the class hamster are actually aliens in disguise who have traveled to earth to convince the children of the world to help save the planet. J-SF SCI

Skye, Robert.  The Creature from My Closet series
Rob stuffed his closet with old laboratory experiments, unread books, and more; and then a series of troublesome creatures emerges from that chaos. J SKU livebrary

Tashjian, Janet.  My Life as a Cartoonist.
12-year-old Derek wants to train his pet monkey to help Umberto, a new student who uses a wheelchair, but Umberto would rather steal Derek's cartoon ideas. One in a series.  J TAS livebrary

Trine, Greg. Melvin Beederman series
After graduating from the superhero academy, Melvin Beederman heads for Los Angeles, where he unexpectedly teams up with Candace Brinkwater, school play actress, to nab the evil McNasty Brothers. J-PBK TRI livebrary

Winkler, Henry and Oliver Lin. Hank Zipzer series
Humor, magic, a school bully, a pet dachshund named Cheerio, and a pet iguana that slurps soup at dinner add up to a fun novel with something for everyone. J WIN livebrary

And don’t forget to check out Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants series and our Captain Underpants read-alike booklist!

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