How to Download Overdrive eBooks to Your Mobile Devicewireless symbol

    Meet Libby!

    Libby is Overdrive’s app that makes downloading ebooks and audiobooks from the library even easier! Available from your app store, Libby is currently compatible with Android devices (5.0 or higher) and IOS (Apple) devices (10 or higher). If you can’t down-load the app you can use Libby in your Web browser at

    1. Install the Libby app from your device’s app store. Check the “Hi” button.

    2. Open the app and click “Find My library.” You can search by library name, city, or zip code. Select “Live-brary” (Suffolk County Library System).

    3. Select “Add a Card.” Enter your library account information.

    4. Search or browse the library’s collection. Select “Borrow” to borrow a title.
    NOTE: All your borrowed titles will automatically download to the app after you sign in. To turn off automatic downloading, go to Download Settings.

    5. Borrowed titles appear on your Shelf and download to the app. Click “Open” to start reading!


    Downloading Overdrive eBooks to Your Kindle:kindle

    1. Visit

    2. Browse or search for an e-book in Kindle format. Add book to cart.

    3. Proceed to checkout. Enter library account information.

    4. Click “Get for Kindle” button. You will be redirected to Amazon. You will then need to log in to your Amazon account. (Your Kindle will have to be registered with Amazon if it hasn’t been already.)

    5. Click “Get Library Book.” You will be asked to select a delivery method. The book can be delivered to your Kindle in one of two ways: If your Kindle has Wi-Fi capability the book can be delivered through a wireless connection . Select “Deliver to ______ Kindle”. You will have to enable the wireless connection through your Kindle. The book will be automatically delivered once you connect. You should turn off the wireless capability when not in use to extend battery life. (Library e-books cannot be delivered through Amazon’s 3-G connection.)


    You can transfer the book to the Kindle using a USB cable:

    1. Select “Transfer Via Computer”

    2. Click “Continue”

    3. Select “Deliver to _______ Kindle”

    4. Click “Continue”

    5. Save the ebook file to your computer.

    6. Open folder. Locate file. The file name will start with the book’s title.

    7. Right click on the file. Select “Copy”.

    8. Plug Kindle in to USB port.

    9. Locate Kindle on computer. (It may open it’s own folder, or you may have to locate it in Windows Explorer.)

    10. Paste copied e-book file in “Documents” folder on Kindle.



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